AJEI 20th Workshop – 19, 20, 21 March 2018 – Program

20th International Workshop of AJEI

March 19th- 20th- 21st 2018

Jawaharlal-Nehru University (JNU)

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The “Association des Jeunes Etudes Indiennes” (AJEI) is a student organization whose members are young researchers coming from various disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences (from master’s degree to postdoctoral level) whose area of research is South Asia. Since 1998 the AJEI has been organizing a research seminar in France and a French-Indian workshops yearly in India with the support of international and local partners. One of our goals is also to interact informally, and build relationships, with a view to creating a strong international network of researchers. Drawing from the transversal thematic of Images, this year we propose a three-day workshop with an opening lecture, daily presentations discussed by senior researchers, methodological workshops, and a concluding session. Every year, a research seminar in France and a workshop in India bring students and scholars together in order to discuss the topics and papers presented.

What do we picture when we evoke India? For its 20th annual Workshop, AJEI invites young researchers to share their knowledge and to propose a critical approach of the concept of ‘Images’ in the subcontinent: To what extent do images reflect the many realities and representations of India and how does the Indian imagery affect scholarly, artistic and touristic as well as political perceptions, from a western and an Indian point of view? The Workshop is aimed to develop a cross-disciplinary dialogue in social sciences for a better understanding of the multiple roles that Images have been playing from antiquity to nowadays in the perceptions and the foundations of culture and identities in Indian society. The aim is also to open some reflexive discussions on the use and construction of images.

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