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La prochaine séance du séminaire STAKES aura lieu Vendredi 31 Mai 2013, de 10h à 13h, en salle 662 au CEIAS.

Ce sera une double séance autour de Robert Jensen (UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Directeur d’étude invité à l’EHESS), discutée par Jérôme Sgard (CERI, Science-Po Paris), et de Rémi de Bercegol (CSH, New Delhi).

Le séminaire se déroule au Centre d’Etudes de l’Inde et de l’Asie du Sud, à l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, 190 avenue de France, Paris (métros : Bercy, Bibliothèque ou Quai de la Gare).


“Why is Schooling so Low in India? Supply, Demand and Constraints”

Robert Jensen (UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Directeur d’étude invité à l’EHESS)

Discutant : Jérôme Sgard (CERI, Science Po Paris)

Despite high rates of economic growth, education remains low in many developing countries. In particular, despite significant progress at the primary level, secondary school enrollment and completion rates remain low. There has long been an emphasis on the role of poverty, schooling costs, school access or school quality as determinants of schooling. However, much less attention has been paid to the role of schooling demand; if children and/or their parents do not perceive a benefit from enrolling in school, then enrolments will remain low. I will discuss results from three of my recent papers that emphasize the key role of demand-side factors in schooling decisions in India.

Robert Jensen is Professor of Public Policy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. His research examines the microeconomics of international poverty and economic development, with a focus on gender, health, education, and fertility.


“The (Difficult) Emergence of Municipalities: Decentralization and Small Town Governance in Uttar Pradesh”

Rémi de Bercegol (Post-doctorant, ANR SUBURBIN, CSH, New Delhi)

The presentation will summarize the major findings of my PhD thesis “The Emergence of Municipalities: An analysis of reorganization of government after decentralization on the governance of small towns in Uttar Pradesh”. The thesis analyzed the new political and technical arrangements in small town governance in the aftermath of decentralization reforms in India. By analyzing government reorganization in a double political and technical dimension, this research aims to better understand the institutional building of municipalities and the new modes of urban governance in the specific case of small towns in Uttar Pradesh. It will examine the incentives faced by local officials to ensure effective management of their towns. It will study the reorganization of powers and responsibilities between municipal institutions and traditional public actors in order to assess the impact of this transformation on access to municipal services within and between towns.

Rémi de Bercegol received his PhD in urban planning from ENPC/UPMLV, Paris Est University, France. He was a visiting PhD-candidate at Centre de Sciences Humaines in Delhi between 2008 and 2012. Since November 2012, he joined back CSH as a post-doctoral researcher within the framework of the Suburbin project funded by ANR (http://suburbin.hypotheses.org/)